COVID-19: a stabilized crisis thanks to our heroes

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During this period of crisis, we have chosen to tell you about a subject at the heart of the news since the beginning of 2020, the COVVI-19.

At the end of 2019, it was in China that the first people infected with this virus still unknown to all appeared. Not yet knowing the speed that this virus will repend, Europeans were no more than that for their health.

However, it is only a few weeks later that the number of people affected exponentially climbed worldwide: on March 18, the University of Johns-Hopkins declared to identify nearly 200,000 confirmed cases, around 7,900 dead, And nearly 81,000 healings since the start of the epidemic in the world.


Cumulative cases of confirmed coronavirus in the world

Thus, it is in a few days that the daily life of many countries changed completely: different nations opted for total containment like a major part of European countries with Italy, France, Spain for example and in Outside countries such as Mexico or India while others have opted for a rather partial confinement, such as Russia, Brazil and the United States.

But the purpose of confinement was not to annoy the populations. It was a measure taken by governments in order to slow down the spread of the virus, but also to soften the flow of incoming people in hospitals: since the start of this health crisis, the nursing staff was undoubtedly the most requested.


Hospitalizations due to coronavirus in
France at April 23, 2020

It is tirelessly that doctors, nurses, doctors of all kinds gave their time to save the lives of millions of people. In many hospitals around the world, hospital services were overwhelmed by the number of new patients who accumulated each day since the start of the crisis that far exceeded the numbers of available beds.

Despite these constraints, these difficulties and these obstacles, the nursing staff, but also the firefighters, the police and many other professions have worked tirelessly, sometimes even at the cost of having to be far from their family, in the Unique goal to save lives: fatigue, stress, exhaustion, incomplete nights, all have been more dedicated than ever to overcome the greatest health crisis in history and we have to thank them.

Thus, we offer this silver coin, exclusive medal vintage 2020, which pays tribute to all these professions without whom we would be nothing.

For the purchase of a thank you medal, € 6 are donated to the Fondation de France.

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