Jean de la Fontaine: the fabulous fabulist

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400 year olds by Jean de la Fontaine
"Master Corbeau on a perched tree, held in his beak a cheese ..." You undoubtedly know this extract of fable of Jean de la Fontaine, the famous fabulist, moralist and novelist from the 17th century. In this year 2021, we celebrate the 400th anniversary of the birth of Jean de la Fontaine, born July 8, 1621, there is just 400 years. The most famous French fabulist is a real monument in the history of our country, it is a key element of our culture.
“The Raven and the Fox”, “The Lion and the Rat”, “the cicada and the ant”; So many names that echo you? The work of Jean de la Fontaine is limitless, a number of writings are an integral part of the French heritage. With a somewhat childish pace, his fables are a real tool of denunciation for society, at the time of the kings of France the people does not have the same weight as the aristocracy. As a result, the fabulist is considered a symbol of freedom and a spokesperson for the people in these times of censorship.
Major player in the emancipation of peoples, as for writing, Jean de la Fontaine constitutes a strong figure of France. Censored by the court of Sun King, he uses a most cunning criticism, he replaces real characters, like the king and his associates, by animals. This animalization Allows you to overcome any censorship problem.
Historically important and crucial for our country, the currency of Paris wished to pay tribute to him in a very fine and worked collection, featuring the writer alongside the animals he incorporates into his texts.
This collection of currencies is the perfect way to pay tribute to one of the greatest French writers, as well as asserting the singular fight of a man, who fought for the people.
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