Louis XVIII: the Désiré

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Who is Louis XVIII?



Louis XVIII was born in Versailles on November 17, 1755, under the name of Louis Stanislas Xavier de France. He was the king of France and Navarre from 1814 to 1815 as well as from 1815 to his death: September 16, 1824, in Paris.

Louis XVIII is the fourth son of the Dauphin Louis, as well as the younger brother of Louis XVI. He was exiled under the French Revolution and the first empire, he adopts from jure as a pretender to the throne the name of Louis XVIII. On April 24, 1814, this one arrived in Calais. In addition, he grants a constitutional charter, aimed: restoring the monarchy to his subjects. Louis XVIII thus becomes king of France, he is nicknamed "the Désiré", by the royalists.



However, restoration is not eternal. Indeed, faced with the non -payment of his pension awarded by the Treaty of Fontainebleau, but also in the face of the anger of the French, Napoleon left his exile from the island of Elba. On March 19, this one is at the gates of Paris. This generates the departure of Louis XVIII, as well as its course, to settle in Ghent. Louis XVIII again appeared in France during the restoration following the fall of the Emperor Napoleon 1er. He returns to power after the battle of Waterloo.

A second restoration?

The reign of Louis XVIII is devoted to reconciling revolutionary and Napoleonic heritages, with those of the Old Regime. The Désiré makes it a point of honor to always constitute a ministry resulting from the parliamentary majority. Opponents are considered to be too weak and divided to threaten the royal position. This is why, he thus dissolved a first ultra room in 1816. In addition, Louis XVIII was considered to be a moderate king. Indeed, this one accepted the results of the revolution.

Louis XVIII has always managed to maintain a balance between ultras and liberals.

The king's state continues to worsen, this one suffers from diabetes, as well as a drop. This generates a more difficult approach, which is why he used crutches, or a wheelchair in his apartments. He also nicknamed "The King Chair".



Arrived at the end of his life, Louis XVIII suffered from generalized arteriosclerosis. He died on September 16, 1824 at four in the morning, in his room at the Palais des Tuileries.

"Ambition does not age" - Louis XVIII



The reverse represents the portrait of Louis XVIII.



The obverse is made up of standing esculapius, holding the caduceus and taking under its protection Venus de Médicis.


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