We provide all your orders for the departure of our warehouse until his arrival at your home. Once your payment has been validated, an email will be sent to you containing a tracking number which allows your package to be traced on the carrier's website.

We make every effort to make your orders delivered as soon as possible. However, certain orders require administrative formalities, which is why they can sometimes take longer to arrive.


In the event of an order comprising several products with different deliveries dates, the delivery time will be that of the product having the most distant delivery time.


Delivery times may vary depending on the products. The deadlines are noted on preverted products and may vary depending on the various delays and manufacturing times announced.



We offer two Colissimo and DHL delivery services.


With Colissimo you can get delivered everywhere with an order amount less than 150 €. We offer delivery against signature to your home or a delivery point of your choice.



DHL On-Demand Delivery offers the following free delivery options:

  • Deliver my package another day: planned delivery.
  • Deliver my package to another address: alternative delivery to work or your family.
  • Deliver my package in a safe place: sending against signature.
  • Deliver my package to a neighbor: leave with your neighbor, reception or guardian.
  • Deliver my package in a DHL service point: sending in withdrawal point.
  • Request to stand out: storage during your vacation up to 30 days.

If you choose express delivery, you will receive a notification of DHL Express on-Demand Delivery

ODD will provide you with updates by e-mail/SMS on the progress of your shipments and the estimated date/time of delivery time.

When the shipment does not correspond to your schedule, the 100% free service allows you to choose the time and the place of delivery.

Offering you maximum flexibility and better control over your shipment.