5 Ceres cents
5 Ceres cents
5 Ceres cents
5 Ceres cents

5 Ceres cents

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Obverse - On this 5 cents piece. In the center of the Listel. The profile of the Republic on the left in Ceres (goddess of agriculture and harvests) bearing a collar of pearls, a double bun and a crown composed of the following elements, ear of wheat, flowers, olive leaf and olives, leaf of oak and acorns, all knotted by a ribbon descending on the neck and passing on the forehead where the word concor is inscribed. Under the neck along the listel the Oudiné signature. In the center of the stars, the date.

Reverse - On the tower the legend Liberte * Egalite * Fraternitis *. In the center of the crown composed of olive leaves the value 5 cents in two lines. Then the workshop letter and the different engraver.


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Currency : Franc

Country : France

Metal : Bronze

Weight : 5 g

Quality : TB

Cut : 25 mm


Facial value: 5 cts

Year : 1871 - 1898