Classic-Optima pre-printed album, European commemorative pieces of € 2 + protective case, blue (album in German)

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Titre Volume 2

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OPTIMA Classic album to classify all*Pieces of 2 euros commemorative.

Collect 2 euros commemorative pieces in 2 distinct albums that complement each other.

The theme of "joint programs of 2 euros commemorative" is the subject of a separate album (ref 343 382).

Supplied with recharges for coins and leaves printed with photos and information such as the year of broadcast, the motive of the pieces and the celebrated event.

Annual updating by a game of additional sheets. Outdoor format album: 245 x 270 mm; Exterior format Protective case: 250 x 280 x 60 mm

Volume 1:
Contents: 12 Optima recharges and 12 pre -printed sheets. Contains the following themes: The 2 euros commemorative pieces issued from 2004 until 2011, including the German pieces ("Bundesländer") with the 5 workshops until 2013. Album delivered with its protective case.

Volume 2:
Contents: 12 Optima recharges and 12 sheets pre-printed for parts 2 euros commemorative in Europe from 2014-2017.

Volume 3:
Contents: 4 OPTIMA recharges and 4 sheets pre -printed for all of 2 euros commemorative parts in Europe for the year 2018.

*Except joint programs of 2 euros commemorative (see separate album).

Volume 4:

Contents: 3 recharges for currencies and 3 intercalaires printed for all* the 2 euros commemorative European 2022 parts.

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