Arminius - 2022 - 2 Oz - Silver
Arminius - 2022 - 2 Oz - Silver
Arminius - 2022 - 2 Oz - Silver
Arminius - 2022 - 2 Oz - Silver

Arminius - 2022 - 2 Oz - Silver

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Averse: Arminius
Reverse: Bicéphale eagle

Any big event begins with a great man. Arminius changed the course of history, leading to the liberation of Germania from the domination of another nation. Thanks to its action, the myth of the "invincible" army of the Roman Empire has collapsed.

Arminius was the son of the chief of a Germanic tribe, Les Cherusci. Delivered as hostage to the Roman Empire and educated like the Noble Roman, he acquired experience of the Roman war and was raised as a great warrior. Acting against the values ​​learned and using his skills and his knowledge of the tactics of the Roman armies, he led the Germanic tribes to fight against his occupant. The exact reasons that led Arminius to launch the Liberation War are unknown. However, we can assume that even if he was raised in the service of the Roman Empire, he has never forgotten his origins and, deep down, he wanted freedom for the people, with whom he was bound by the blood.

The success of Arminius, obtained during the battle of the Teutoburg forest, has changed history and its impact is still visible today. For the first time in history, the Romans withdrew from the occupied territories and the end of the expansion of the Roman Empire may have started here.

Currency : Mark

Country : Germany

Metal : Argent

Weight : 2 Oz

Quality : Skin relief

Cut : 45 mm

Draw: 499

Facial value: 10 Mark

Year : 2022

Mint: Germany