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2 euro
coincard gant
2 euro gent
2 euro

Belgium 2017 - 2 Euro commemorative - University of Ghent - BU

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Commemorative piece

200th anniversary of the University of Ghent Foundation (1817-2017).


The internal part of the play represents the logo of the University of Ghent, with the dates 1817-2017 below, surrounded by the inscription "200 Jaar Universiteit Gent-200 Years Ghent University" and the indication of the country. The Bruxelles workshop brand, a helmeted head of the Archangel Michel, as well as the different from the Commissioner des Coins, the coat of arms of the commune of Herzele, are located respectively to the right and to the left of the country's indication.


A map of the European continent is represented on a dynamic canvas made up of the twelve stars of the European Union.

Currency : Euro

Country : France

Metal : Cupro-Nickel

Weight : 8,50 g

Quality : This

Cut : 25,750 mm

Draw: 195 000

Facial value: 2 Euro

Year : 2017

Mint: Brussels, Belgium