coincard mai 68
coincard 68
piece mai 68
2 euro
coincard mai 68
coincard 68
piece mai 68
2 euro

Belgium 2018 - 2 Euro commemorative - Events of May 1968 - BU

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Commemorative piece

50th anniversary of the events of May 1968 (1968-2018).


Stylized representation of the buildingUniversity of Louvain background. In the foreground, two students, one with a raised flag, the other brandishing a leaflet with their requirements. On the ground, a pack of leaflets. Above, inscriptions "Mei - May 1968". On the left the" 2018 be "registrations with the punches of the Royal Mint of the Netherlands.


A card on the continent European is represented on a dynamic canvas made up of the twelve stars of theEuropean Union.

Currency : Euro

Country : Belgium

Metal : Cupro-nickel

Weight : 8,5 g

Quality : This

Cut : 25,750 mm

Draw: 250 000

Facial value: 2 Euro

Year : 2018

Mint: Brussels, Belgium