Ticket - 20 million Mark - 1923

Ticket - 20 million Mark - 1923

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A real bank ticket of the 1923 inflation year: the first 20 million marks ticket in Germany!

German inflation from 1914 to 1923 is one of the most radical monetary devaluations in our history. During the "hyperinflation" of 1923, only one egg cost 320 billion Reichsmarks.

Meanwhile, the money was already worthless shortly after its show. The emphasis was moved from the typing of parts on the issue of banknotes, which could be produced more quickly and at a lower cost. In a short time, new tickets with higher and higher cuts have appeared.

An impressive contemporary witness to this hyperinflation is the first 20 million marks ticket, put into circulation for the first time at the end of July 1923. It is an impressive original document of this moving era!

Currency : Reichsmark

Country : German Empire

Metal : Papier

Weight :

Quality :

Cut : 195 x 83 mm


Facial value: 20 Millions Reichsmark

Year : 1923