champs elysees monnaie de 50 euro Or be 2020
monnaie de paris 50 euro or champs elysees 2020
champs elysees monnaie de 50 euro Or be 2020
monnaie de paris 50 euro or champs elysees 2020

Champs -Elysées - Currency of € 50 gold - BE 2020

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The most beautiful avenue in the world.

Connecting the place of Concorde to the'Triumphal arch, the avenue des Champs-Elysées extends over almost 2 km in the heart of Paris. In the 17th century, ours, gardener of Louis XIV, posed the first stones in this place which was marshy. This was then part of the ascent of that which is nicknamed "the most beautiful avenue in the world".

I'Champs-Elysees avenue is full of culture and activities. You can also admire the monuments, shop or vibrate during events. Each year, the avenue welcomes the July 14 parade, the arrival of Tour de France Or the Christmas lights.

THE Champs-Elysées live as well day and night. Restaurants, shops, monuments or clubs are all jewels to discover and that make this avenue a myth. To close the visit in style, the ascent of theTriumphal arch offers a spectacular panoramic view of Paris.

The face represents a view of Champs-Elysées towards L'Triumphal arch. In order to highlight Paris Light city, the most beautiful avenue in the world was represented at night, when its trees are adorned with Christmas lights. The flame of the unknown soldier, who celebrates his 100th anniversary in 2020, shines at the foot of theTriumphal arch. The obelisk of the Concord is visible in the foreground and reports on the angle of the shooting.

In order to magnify this collection, the coins are garnished with selective gold deposit highlighted the illuminations.

The reverse is the reverse common to the series Paris Treasures. It offers a modern view of the Plan de Paris and its districts represented by small pyramids. Above the Paris plan, the name of the series is inserted. Below, we find the facial value and the vintage.

Currency : Euro

Country : France

Metal : Or Fin 999%

Weight : 7,780 g

Quality : BE

Cut : 22,000 mm

Draw: 500

Facial value: 50 Euro

Year : 2020

Mint: Money of Paris