grece 2007 2 euro traite de rome
2 euro revers grece 2007
grece 2007 2 euro traite de rome
2 euro revers grece 2007

Greece 2007 - 2 Euro commemorative - Treaty of Rome

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Commemorative piece

50th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Rome (1957-2007).



The treaty signed by the six founding countries, with in the background the motive for the paving (drawn by Michelangelo) of Piazza del Campidoglio in Rome, where the signature ceremony took place on March 25, 1957. The inscriptions " Of Rome 50 years "in Latin as well as" Europe "and the name of the country emitting in the languages ​​of the country appear around.

The Treaty of Rome instituted the European Economic Community and prepared the way for the introduction of the Euro in 1999 and tickets and pieces in euros in 2002. The birthday will be celebrated on March 25, 2007. On this occasion, the country of the euro zone have decided to jointly issue this commemorative piece. His drawing was chosen after a competition organized by the hotels of European currencies. The legend differs from one country to another, but the drawing is the same.

Registration :
Συνθηκη της ρωμης
50 χρονια
Ελληνικη Δημοκρατια

Engraver: Helmut Andexlinger 



A map showing the Fifteen States of the European Union Soudés is represented on a dynamic canvas made up of the twelve stars of the European Union.

Currency : Euro

Country : Greece

Metal : Cupro-nickel

Weight : 8,5 g

Quality : Courant

Cut : 25,750 mm

Draw: 3 978 549

Facial value: 2 Euro

Year : 2007

Mint: N.A.