Lady Germania - 2021 - 1 Oz - Silver - BU
Lady Germania - 2021 - 1 Oz - Silver - BU
Lady Germania - 2021 - 1 Oz - Silver - BU
Lady Germania - 2021 - 1 Oz - Silver - BU

Lady Germania - 2021 - 1 Oz - Silver - BU

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2021 germania 1 oz drinking

Lady Germania, in a bold installation on the bow of a sailing ship, seems to lead her people in a trip to vast waters. Traditionally, crowned with a laurel wreath, she is dressed in her armor and her fall sheet. In her hands, she brandished the imperial sword Reichsschwert and a flag floating in the wind. What makes the 2021 piece extraordinary is the extended perspective of the obverse on the following parts of the series - 1, 2, 10 oz and 1 kg.

The setback of the 2021 piece remains unchanged, presenting the effigy of the Germania Mint with a two -headed eagle holding lightning, surrounded by branches of olive tree. The eagle is a symbol of Germanic mythology, associated with Janus - the God of all origins, the goalkeeper of doors and bridges, the patron of alliances. Eagle heads turned towards the opposite symbolize the past and the future.

When creating coins, it is just as important for Germania Mint to provide them with safe and elegant packaging. This is why each piece is arranged in a dedicated capsule with the shape of a lens, which allows you to admire it even more. In addition, the 10 Oz BU piece in silver has received a special luxury blister, which not only protects it, but also increases its collection value. The coa includes with each set contains all the necessary information and guarantees the originality of the part.

Currency : Mark

Country : Germany

Metal : Argent

Weight : 1 g

Quality : This

Cut : 38,61 mm

Draw: 25000

Facial value: 5 Mark

Year : 2021

Mint: Germany