unicef 75 ans 2 euro france 2021
2 euro 2021 unicef
unicef 75 ans 2 euro france 2021
2 euro 2021 unicef

France - 2 euro - 2021 - 75 years of UNICEF

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The Earth in the shape of a puzzle, a metaphor which represents the link that binds us to each other. Two children's hands surround the globe and recall UNICEF’s commitment to children around the world.

An olive branch, a symbol of peace, is present on the left side, a nod to the UNICEF logo.

The dates of the anniversary of the 75 years of the creation of UNICEF are present at the top left, its motto "for each child" is in the continuity of the date at the top right.

The inscription "RF" is located at the bottom right as well as the symbol of Joaquin Jimenez.

Registration :
1946 – 2021
For each child
75 years


A map of the European continent is represented on a dynamic canvas made up of the twelve stars of the European Union.

Registration :
2 euro

Currency : Euro

Country : France

Metal : Bi -metallic (Maillechort center - Cupronickel ring)

Weight : 8,50 g

Quality : UNC

Cut : 25,750 mm

Draw: 7 500 000

Facial value: 2 Euro

Year : 2021

Mint: N.A.