Cleaning kit, clean-it, 5 rooms.

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Cleaning kit, to maintain your precious collection currencies in an ideal state of cleanliness. The kit contains:
1 tweezers for currencies covered with plastic
1 Silver coins cleansing bath (content: 150 ml)
1 cleansing bath for copper currencies (content: 150 ml)
1 pair of gloves, universal size, 100%non -white cotton, standard CE
1 polishing cloth impregnated with a cleaning product

Our cleaning baths are made up of high quality substances that gently eliminate oxidation traces. Bath for copper currencies can also be used for nickel and bronze. With child safety.

Just dive the currencies for 3 to 8 minutes in the bath, then rinse them carefully and wipe them with a soft cloth.

The woven plush cloth is imbued with a product that makes it possible to make stains and brands disappear by simple friction. Can also be used to clean cutlery or jewelry. The article is not washable.

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