LED LED lamp rings 5.
LED LED lamp rings 5.

LED LED lamp rings 5.

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The LED LED lamp rings 5 ​​is very versatile: it incorporates a lamp, a thermometer, a clock, a calendar and an alarm clock!

3 different light colors (warm white, neutral white and daylight) and 4 degrees of clarity, this lamp allows all possible light settings - whether for example. To see the colors of a stamp or assess a bank note.
The lamp adjustment is very simple. It is carried out by simple pressure on the symbols at the foot of the lamp. Thanks to the two joints, at the top and bottom of the lamp, you can get the perfect angle depending on the desired use and store the lamp after use without it taking up space.
You will easily read information on the time, temperature and date on the large legible screen. If necessary, you can also easily transform the lamp by awakening.

Overview of other advantages:
Non -slip padding under the foot of the lamp, long lifespan and low electric current consumption thanks to LED technology (integrated LED lamp), optimal eyes protection thanks to a matt protective screen, no fragile glass part, safe lamp And easy to use, power supply provided by an adapter (including in delivery), USB port to connect tablet, telephone, MP3 player, etc.

Technical data
LED number: 27 in total (18x cold white+9x hot white)
Lifespan:> 35,000 hours
Color temperature: 2700 - 5500 Kelvin (modular)
Light yield:> 450 lumens
Max power: 10 W
Energy efficiency class: a
Working temperature: <50 ° C
Maximum lighting (30 cm):> 1500 lux
Input voltage: 100–240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Output voltage: 12 V DC, 1500 MA
USB output: 5 V DC, 500 ma
Battery for the screen: 3 V CR2032
Material: ABS plastic
White colour
Outdoor format (folded): 430 x 90 x 190 mm (L x H x L)
Outdoor format (unfolded, articulation at the top 90 °): 430 x 455 x 190 mm (L x H x L)

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