art de la plume moliere 50 euro or BE 2022
art de la plume 50 euro or BE
art de la plume moliere 50 euro or BE 2022
art de la plume 50 euro or BE

The art of the pen - Molière - money of € 50 gold - BE 2022

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On this side is represented in profile, Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, says Molière. The most famous French playwright is represented in a theater setting: his hair merges with the scene of the scene and theater planks are visible. Two of his most emblematic characters of his pieces are also present: the Bourgeois Gentilhomme and the Avare whose "precious" is an allegory of the Comédie-Française, also represented on the play. Also nicknamed the "Maison Molière", the Comédie-Française is the theater in which he played his last play the Imaginary Malade. His stage name and dates are presented on the outline of the play as well as a sun, symbolizing the protection that Louis XIV brought to him. There currency 20 € BE is struck in high relief which brings volume to the profile of Molière


The reverse is common to the whole series " The art of pen. "We can see there registered several emblematic quotes such as" the best is the enemy of the good "of Voltaire," Lascate Ogne Speranza voi Ch’intrate "of Dante Alighieri, "To be or not to be: that is the question" of William Shakespeare Or "Was Mich Nicht Umbringt, Macht Mich Stärker" from Nietzsche A feather is engraved in the center of the room. Below, the title of the series is present. The mention "RF" is present at the bottom right of the room as well as the hallmark of Joaquin Jimenez and the engraving workshop.

Currency : Euro

Country : France

Metal : Or 999%

Weight : 1/4 Oz

Quality : BE

Cut : 22,000 mm

Draw: 500

Facial value: 50 Euro

Year : 2022

Mint: Money of Paris