Les Smurfs - Mini -Medailles collector album - 2021

Les Smurfs - Mini -Medailles collector album - 2021

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Small iconic elves, the Smurfs made their first appearance in the album of Johanet Pirlouit "The Six Smurfs flute" by the Franco-Belgian author Peyo in 1958. These little blue beings, cheeky and styled with white today live many adventures and try by all means to escape the terrible sorcerer Gargamel.

The currency of Paris pays homage in 2021 to the work of Peyo as well as the hundred Smurfs which he was able to imagine, all having a different character.

12 Smurfs make up this unique collection of mini-medals. See you in March, June and September 2021 to discover the next characters in the series.

This collector's workbook allows you to store the 12 colorized mini-medals from the Smurfs collection. It also contains a 13th exclusive mini medal on which we find a small Smurf in his mushroom house.

This exclusive mini medal is limited to 20,000 ex

Currency :

Country : France


Weight :

Quality :

Cut : Diameter: 34,000mm

Draw: 20000

Facial value:

Year : 2021