Lot 10 Fables Jean de la Fontaine medals - L'art de la Plume - 2021

Lot 10 Fables Jean de la Fontaine medals - L'art de la Plume - 2021

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How to pay tribute to Jean de La Fontaine without talking about fables? The currency of Paris wished to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the poet, by reinterpreting his work. This collection allows young audiences to familiarize themselves with fables, illustrated by the designer Thomas Bass. Each maplet is adorned with a mini-medal imagined and designed by Joaquin Jimenez, general engraver of the currency of Paris.
10 maplets thought of the crossing of the art of pen, illustration and metal. The reverse of each card contains the complete fable. The 10th card highlights Jean de La Fontaine and presents a short biography of the author.

The lot includes the medals: "the crow and the fox", "the hare and the turtle", "the cicada and the ant", "the wolf and the lamb", "the golden egg chicken", " The frog and the beef "," the cities rat and the field of the fields "," the fox and the stork "," the oak and the reed "and the fountain.

Each medal:

Nordic gold - 34 mm

Currency : Euro

Country : France


Weight :

Quality :

Cut : 6

Draw: 20000

Facial value:

Year : 2021

Mint: Money of Paris