Mountains - Matterhorn - 2 Oz - 2022
Mountains - Matterhorn - 2 Oz - 2022
Mountains - Matterhorn - 2 Oz - 2022
Mountains - Matterhorn - 2 Oz - 2022

Mountains - Matterhorn - 2 Oz - 2022

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Cervin is certainly one of the most famous mountains in the world. With its almost perfect symmetrical pyramid summit, it defines what many consider a real mountain. It is both impressive and intimidating even for the most qualified mountaineers and has taken the lives of more than 500 mountaineers, which also makes it one of the deadliest mountains to climb. It covers 4,478 m (14,692 ft) above sea level and is one of the highest peaks in the Alps and Europe. It was only won over in 1865 when Edward Whymper and 6 other men beat a group of Italian mountaineers to reach the summit.

Whymper noted:

"At 1:40 p.m. .M. The world was at our feet, and the Matterhorn was won over. Hourra! Not a step could be seen. »»

Precisely at that time, the Italian team was about 400 meters below, still taking care of the most difficult parts of the Italian ridge. Seeing their rivals at the top, they abandoned their attempt and returned home. 4 of the 6 members of the Whymper team lost their lives in the descent. All except one (whose body has never been found) are buried in the Zermatt cemetery.

More recently, the Matterhorn has been made popular by the projections of country flags to show support and unity during the Pandemic of Covid-19.

These two pieces are struck to capture the majesty and the fear that the truck gives. Thanks to a combination of selective coloring and very high relief smartming®, the 2 Oz silver piece captures the impressive mountain in all its snow -capped details. You can almost hear the winds screaming around its massive structure. Only 999 will be produced, so it's as rare as beautiful! There is also a half-gram gold companion with a draw of only 5,000 which is just as beautiful to watch.

Currency : Dollars

Country : Cook Islands

Metal : Argent .999

Weight : 2 oz

Quality : BE

Cut : 38,61 mm

Draw: 999

Facial value: 10 Dollars

Year : 2022