Sant'anna - Gran Carracca - Currency of 10 euros - BE 2019

Sant'anna - Gran Carracca - Currency of 10 euros - BE 2019

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In 2019, the central bank of Malta issued numismatic parts in gold and silver representing the order of Saint-Jean Gran Carracca Sant'anna. The pieces are issued as part of the Europa program with the "Renaissance" theme and bear the Europa Star logo.

The pieces of the pieces include the coat of arms of Malta and the Europa Star logo. The setbacks represents the Gran Carracca Sant'anna, a warship renowned for its large size and its prodigious firepower.

The caraque was one of the most influential Renaissance ship conceptions. Robust construction and combining speed and maneuverability, the caraques could serve both merchant ships and warships. The order of the Saint-Jean-Caraque, Sant'anna, was launched in December 1522, almost at the same time when the knights lost Rhodes. This ship, pride of the Navy of the Order, transported Grand Master Philippe Villiers from Isle Adam to Malta in 1530. This event marked the start of the long stay of order on the island and the beginning of a New era in Maltese history.

Currency : Euro

Country : Malta

Metal : Argent 925%

Weight : 28,28 g

Quality : BE

Cut : 38,610 mm

Draw: 2 500

Facial value: 10 Euro

Year : 2019

Mint: Central Bank of Malta