andorre femme
piece suffrage
andorre femme
piece suffrage

Andorra 2020 - Universal female suffrage - 2 euro commemorative currency - BU

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On the heart, a drawing commemorating the fifty years of universal female suffrage, surrounded by the name of the Andorra emitting country (in French Andorra), the date 1970, the 2020 vintage and the legend 50 Anys del Sufragi Universal Femeni (in French 50 years Universal female upgrading); On the twelve -stars crown with five branches points upwards


Map of the European Union on the right part of the heart and overflowing on the crown, between two series of six parallel vertical lines, each marked with a star; Right, on the crown, LL signature of the Luc Luycx engraver in a monogram. Legend: to the left of map 2 and on the map itself Euro (the fourth letter on the crown)

Currency : Euro

Country : Andorrian

Metal : Cupronickel

Weight : 8,5 g

Quality : This

Cut : N.A

Draw: 60 000

Facial value: 2 Euro

Year : 2020

Mint: Government of Andorra