2 euro vatican 2022
naissance du pape Paul VI
2 euro vatican 2022
naissance du pape Paul VI

Vatican 2022 - 2 Euro commemorative - 125 years of the birth of Pope Paul VI - Colorized

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The internal part of the play represents Pope Paul VI, smiling and opening his arms wide with the gesture he often used to greet the crowds. He wears the cassock knotted at the waist with a fascia carrying the coat of arms of his pontificate embroidered on the bottom, his cape and his coat. At the top, in a semicircle is the inscription "CitTA del Vaticano" and the workshop brand "R". Below, the years "1897-2022" and the inscription "Papa Paolo VI" on the right.


Common back to all 2 euro parts.

Devise : Euro

Pays : Cité du Vatican

Métal : Cupro-nickel

Poids : 8,5 g

Qualité : Current

Taille : 27,750 mm

Tirage : 68 000

Valeur Faciale : 2 Euro

Année : 2022

Mint : N.A.