victoire paix 50 euro or be 2020
monnaie de paris victoire paix 50 euro or 2020
victoire paix 50 euro or be 2020
monnaie de paris victoire paix 50 euro or 2020

Peace victory - money of € 50 gold - BE 2020

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Quality be vintage 2020

  • Cash new, delivered in its original case and with its certificate of authenticity
In 2020, the Money of Paris wishes to pay tribute to a new event that has marked history and minds as part of the "Great Dates of Humanity" collection. Celebrating the 75th anniversary of peace brought by the end of the Second World War, this currency takes up the symbol of the Allied force: The V. 

On the face of the cash The flags of the Allied nations of the Second World War are arranged. These flags include heraldic codes symbolizing colors and represents a form of V, symbolizing the victoire. The inscription " 75 years Victory - Victory "Appears to the right and refers to the birthday of the Allies' victory over Nazi Germany. Barbed wire complete the decor and are broken in two speaks V of the victoire Composed of flags, a beautiful allegory marking the end of the battles

The reverse of the currency represents doves which take off and go through the V of victory. These doves are synonymous with peace. The leading bird has its wings deployed in the shape of a V echoing the victory of the Allies against Nazi Germany. Facial value, vintage and mention " Rf Are also visible on this reverse.

Currency : Euro

Country : France

Metal : Or fin 999%

Weight : 7,78 g

Quality : BE

Cut : 22.000mm

Draw: 5 000

Facial value: 50

Year : 2020

Mint: Money of Paris