Investors & wealth management

Specialized in art and currencies for more than 5 years, we will be able to help customers choose collectibles on the criteria of intrinsic quality, values, their heritage interest. We are also listening to your expectations vis-à-vis the collectors that suit you best.

A team of experts:

Our team is made up of qualified professionals in art history and more precisely in the history of coins, their metals, their value, their sustainability that will guide you thanks to their knowledge of the numismatic market.

We help you define a suitable heritage strategy by helping you select quality parts for a successful long -term investment.

The team of supports you in your efforts

  • We will be there to estimate the prices, represent and negotiate during your transactions for purchase as well as for sale, give you personalized and tailor-made advice
  • We will have previously done research with our team on authenticity, quality, provenance, the sustainability of the products that we will offer you or that you would choose
  • We can also analyze the state of conservation of the parts you wish to acquire so that they are in the best possible condition and this still long after your purchase.

  • We will be at your disposal in terms of insurance restoration insurance, in terms of contact for possible buyers or with regard to customs regulations.
  • We will be there to help you create, improve, enhance your collection, all step by step with the team of we will also be able to support you in an auction project.
  • We participate in events such as the major international fairs such as: World Money Fair Berlin, Paris Brongniart, Numismata Munich, Tefaf Maastricht…

We facilitate your transactions as well for sale: we manage your transactions according to different modes of sale (sale to a specialized merchant, amicable, public sale, sale via our network of buyers)

As well as the purchase: we advise you, consider objects, research and selections are carried out by our specialists in auction, or on salons.

The guarantee of a long-term relationship between you and

Investing in currencies allows you to invest in material and reassuring goods through their metals which retain their values, as well as their rarity since we have prints which today continue to take value given that these prints are limited .

We offer a stable long-term investment while helping you reconcile financial and placement-placement objectives.