Our history


Our founder

Dimitri Anastassov, passionate about art and history from a very young age, has graduated in 2015 by EAC Paris "merchant in works of art and collection", prestigious school dedicated to art and art and Culture.

Expert and ambassador for auction houses, he joined the German giant in the MDM sector via his subsidiary of the French Society of Coins after working for the Cabinet of Coins, Medals and Ancients of the National Library of France.

He took over the existing family affair since 1976 and created a new Empires History company.


The Empires History Society

Empires History is a company that was born on May 20, 2015. It specializes in art and collection objects and more particularly in collection currencies. Present on most European numismatic salons including the World Money Fair in Berlin, the company has developed an international network and visibility.


The Pieces-et-Monnaies brand

Empires History launches in 2020 a new online sales platform under the Pieces-et-monnaies.com brand. She installs her new premises in the historic heart of Nancy.


Pieces-et-monnaies.com offers collectors all types of collection pieces and coins, from the oldest to the most recent, from all countries in the world and in various precious metals.


Our vision

We want to fill existing collectors and history enthusiasts but also to break into new markets such as the investment and diversification of heritage assets. Our vision is international, while adapting to everyone's budget. The presence of our products on most international marketplaces allows us to get closer to collectors and investors. It is a real brand that we develop combining know-how, product quality and customer support at your service.

"Success does not last, failure does not kill. What matters is to have the courage to continue. »Winston Churchill


Our team

Parts-et-monnaies.com is a team made up of numismatics enthusiasts responsible for transmitting and proposing objects and knowledge in the sale of collections currencies. Dynamics and competent we strive to meet the needs of our customers.